Our Company Policies

Our Company Policies

Environmental Policy

Indus Metal L.L.C is committed to undertake the full responsibility of our work in a sensible manner to achieve highest environmental standards. We are aware of the impact that our work can have on the environment and as such, environmental policy forms an indispensable element of our project management and reporting systems. Our primary aim is to develop and maintain a high class environment friendly culture.

Indus Metal LLC adheres to strict environmental policy that ensures it complies with all environmental regulations & legislations, code of practice, specific project requirements and work ethics. We take practical steps to minimize pollution and maximize resource use by conserving resources through efficient and judicious use of energy and materials. Our environmental policies are in par with environmental policies adopted by similar companies across Europe.

Our commitment to contribute towards a better environment has earned us an accreditation ISO14001:2004 of Environmental Management System which is recognized all over world.

We have made a commitment to identify all potential activities that can have a negative impact on environment as well as measures to minimize or prevent such impacts. We operate in harmony with global environment and promote environmental protection as part of our business.

Particulars attention is paid to the following areas:

  • Identify potential or significant negative impacts as well as put control mechanism in place to minimize or eliminate their effects.
  • Prevent pollution and continuously improve to our environmental performance.
  • Conservation of energy through judicious use of resources.
  • Sustainable use of raw materials by minimizing consumption, maximizing efficiency and managing waste effectively.
  • Provide trainings and refresher trainings on environment awareness and importance of environment conservation.
  • Progressive reduction of the company’s environmental impact in its premises.
  • Environmentally responsible marketing.
  • Compliance with Legislation and use of best available technology in environmental protection.
  • Effective environmental audit systems.

The company will communicate our environment policy to all employees and will be available free of cost to stakeholders, customers and general public. The participation and cooperation of employees is important to the implementation and success of this policy.

Health and Safety Policy

Indus Metal LLC recognizes the paramount importance of health and safety within a work place and therefore health & safety of our employees and clients in our top most concern and priority. Our company is fully committed to prevention of any accidents, injuries or sickness thus we always seek improvement in health and safety standards. Within our organization we promote a positive health and safety culture to ensure our employees are fully aware of the health and safety guidelines.

Health and safety forms and integral part of our company and therefore our company ensures that we manage, supervise and conduct all our work in compliance with legislation and best practice.

Overall responsibility for the Health and Safety policy rests with our Director who has an imperative role and responsibility for its implementation within the organization. Health & safety Manager and senior management team also play an important and significant role in monitoring, supporting, evaluating and implementing the policy.

As an employer it is our responsibility to ensure health and safety of our employees by providing:

  • The provision and maintenance of safe plant, equipment and safe system of work.
  • Conduct regular inspections of sites and machinery in use.
  • The provision of sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision as appropriate to enable employees, clients and contractors to perform their work safely and in an efficient manner.
  • Safe means of handling, transporting and operating equipment.
  • Protective clothing and safety equipment.
  • Insure employees as part of accidental safety measures under workmen compensation.
  • Arrangements of consultations wherever necessary.
  • Regular updates and reviews so that our health and safety policy remains dynamic.
  • Supervision of less experience employees.

A safe and healthy working environment can only be achieved through the participation of employees and we expect employees to comply with health, safety and environmental requirements and cooperate with company in implementing the policy.

Every employee, upon joining the company will be issued with the copy of the Health and Safety policy statement.

Quality Policy

Indus Metal L.L.C’s quality policy aims to achieve a sustained and commercial growth by providing excellent service to customers in accordance with our Quality Management System. We understand that our success lies in providing outstanding services through continuous application and development of Quality Management System meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standards.

We at Indus Metal L.L.C work without compromising on quality and are dedicated to provide excellent quality of services. The director and senior members of management team are committed to ensure that Quality Management System is effective in achieving quality and satisfaction of existing and prospective customers. We measure our performance exceeding customer expectations and work with them in order to continuously improve the service that we provide.

We believe that continuous investment our Quality Management System will give better values to our customers.

Our Primary Quality objectives are:

  • To deliver excellent quality service in order to maintain relationship with customers.
  • All work is carried out professionally and to a defined standard.
  • To ensure all materials delivered to our customers on site are fit for their purpose.
  • To identify and continuously monitor Quality Management System and ensure it is being developed with time.
  • To promote a sense of quality consciousness among our employees.

Each employee is responsible for maintaining high standards of quality. All our employees are updated regularly through our in-house trainings and courses on Quality Management.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Indus metal L.L.C is an organization providing professional construction and Pre Fabrication services to its clients. As a responsible organization we are committed to poise the company’s commercial sustainability in conjunction with social and environmental responsibilities. We are dedicated to our Corporate Social Responsibility policy which is noticeable, practical and fits with basic tenets of our business.

Our CSR policy is a way in which we demonstrate our continuous efforts and commitments to our customers, employees and environment. Determined for expansion to new markets and gearing up to join the ranks of region’s most successful companies, we are devoted to adopt a holistic approach towards CSR. We believe that our ability to fulfill responsibilities to communities where we work and live is directly linked to our sustainable growth. Communities include our employees, direct and indirect customers, suppliers and environment.

As a socially responsible company, we undertake initiatives and strive hard to make meaningful contributions to strengthening the socio-economic welfare and environmental sustainability.

Our CSR commitments are based on following 4 key areas:

Civic: We recognize and understand the impact of our business activities on civic communities where we operate and live. We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen by ensuring that we are making positive and lasting bequests. We ensure this by developing relationships with local people, local subcontractors, schools and educational institutions and supporting local charities.

Place of work: We ensure continuous development of our employees by providing them necessary training, facilities and support. We have developed a sustainable business model to attract highly skilled staff. As a highly professional organization we are committed to create an environment in our workplace free of harassment and bullying which is supported by equality and diversity policy.

Supply Chain: As a progressive and successful company offering our services to a wide range of customers we are aware of need to act with transparency and integrity. We ensure that these values are upheld throughout our supply chain to build enduring relationships and cooperative practices of working that deliver value to our clients and create opportunities for business to grow.

Environment: Indus Metal L.L.C understands the significance of protecting the environment in which we operate. We are fully committed to minimize the impact of activities on environment. Our environmental management system is certified to ISO14001:2004.